Tweener definition🔗

Furnished rental homes that fall in between vacation rentals and long-term rentals, temporary living accommodations from 1-12months.
Connecting landlords to households "In Between" home moves and others with rental needs longer than a vacation rental, shorter than a 1-year lease.
Tweener Homes is pleased to announce partnership agreement with Turbo Tenant top rated property management software for landlords. Offering landlords:
✔️ Ability to create free property listing,
✔️Distribution to dozens of leading real estate rental search sites,
✔️AI generated property descriptions,
✔️Full control who stays in property,
✔️Landlord tools:
          🖊 Credit/background screening (free to landlords),
          🖊 State specific lease agreement forms (w/ esign),
          🖊 Rent collection deposited directly in LL designated account,
          🖊 and much more!
By the way, there are NO added commissions, booking or service fees!
It's your property and business, why make money for public traded wall street investors and million-dollar bonuses for platform CEO's! Keep the money where it your pocket!!!

Who are the Tweener renters?

◾ Households in between home moves,
◾ Families relocating or scouting out new neighborhoods for home purchase,
◾ People who have experienced home damage,
◾ Snowbirds, military, temporary job assignment, and more!
Property listings will be displayed on sites like Redfin,, and more with exposure to millions of unique website visitors looking to rent furnished homes like yours. Not only that but by signing up for your free Tweener Turbo Tenant account, you will be notified when an inquiry to rent in your area is received by Tweener Homes.
Sign up for your free Tweener Turbo Tenant account. There are no costs, no contracts, no obligations. Get exposure to a new audience of quality renters today!

Tweener Rentals

Fully furnished rental homes longer than 30 nights, shorter than 1 year

Short-Term Rentals

Stays less than 30 nights

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