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THANK YOU to ABC15 for sharing our story, "East Valley company offering in-between homes for moving families".

Over the past few years, Tweener Homes has proven to be the perfect solution for both homeowners and renters (a.k.a "tweeners") looking for monthly rentals. Tweener Homes is the first technology-based real estate brokerage dedicated to helping people in between permanent residences with furnished rentals until their new home is ready, reducing anxiety and uncertainty. The response has been nothing short of amazing and so many of our clients are grateful for this new option.

Renters search through available homes on Tweener’s website and work out the details from there. Tweener Home's cutting-edge technology is incredibly intuitive, seamless, and convenient. We make it as easy to book a furnished monthly rental home as it is to book a hotel room.

“As easy to book a furnished monthly rental
home as it is to book a hotel room. Perfect!”

Tweener Homes certified inventory has been personally inspected. Pictures and videos shown are taken by Tweener Homes. Homeownership is verified, and a full background check is completed on those wishing to rent, providing a stress-free option for tenants and the owners.

All Tweener Homes bookings are processed using Stripe connect. This is the easiest and safest system for renters and offers increased protection against fraudulent payments. Rent payments can be done quickly and easily from your computer, laptop, tablet, or even your cell phone. Owners are paid directly to their designated account with full access to monthly income statements and accounting via the owner’s portal.

The first-ever built tech product that combines stress-free, searching, and booking of monthly furnished rental homes for those in need,  by connecting homeowners with unoccupied furnished homes. Tweener allows homeowners to earn income on their vacant home with families or folks that need a home for a temporary period. A Win/Win.

Thank you for allowing us to tell you our story and to introduce you to Tweener Homes. The Home You Need When You’re In Between!

Published on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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