Technology Based Real Estate Company Launches App Valley Wide

Scottsdale Lifestyle Jan

Tweener Homes offers temporary rental options for those in need of an "in-between" house and fills the gap for families searching for a new home, waiting for their house to be built or whose current home is under renovation. The first tech-based company dedicated to offering fully-furnished monthly rentals, Tweener Homes handles all aspects of the rental process. Unlike other temporary rental companies, Tweener Homes is fully-licensed and HOA-friendly.

"We created Tweener Homes with the intention of providing families with an easy, affordable solution when they're in need of a monthly rental," said Nick Calvi, Founder and CEO of Tweener Homes. "Not only is Tweener ideal for home renters, but it's also an easy way for homeowners to safely rent out second homes while earning additional income."

The fully-licensed company prepares lease agreements, conducts background checks, manages security deposits and provides professional photography and marketing support for those renting out their home. The company will also coordinate a move-out inspection and cleaning service.

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